#Maplesotho. Qacha’s Nek’s yet another success


presenting the completion of the task #1942 of the Qacha’s Nek district detailed mapping, the first district to 100% mapped. Qacha’s Nek Assistant Physical Planners (APPs), would like to pledge their gratitude to the following people;  Andrewbuck, Autre for Nepal, DebigC, Greenmtdave, RustyB and Tshedy  for their most valued support making up the 13.5% of the contribution towards the completion this task.


Mapping this task was a real deal and a great adventure for QN Mappers (APPs). It was not an easy road but it came with positive factors like the much appreciated outside help mentioned above and the  never ending courage they received from the DebigC . all this helped them to overcome any obstacle. QN Mappers(APPs) would also like to recognize her Majesty the the Queen of Maplesotho A.K.A Tshedy,  for being their inspiration. “we want to be a bunch of you.”


QN Mappers namely; (MontshyQn, FifiQn, Topsqn, Mabatho and Stanley Makhanya)img-20160907-wa0005  showed great team work and extended much dedication which lead towards the successful completion of this task. Not leaving behind MontshyQn who has claimed a leadership position by throwing in the  28% contribution.—> way to girl, keep up the good work.<—


#Maplesotho QN’ s success


Qacha’s Nek celebrates victory when QN Analysis kombat, the analysis team from Qacha’s Nek was presented a winner in the analysis month competition. QN Analysis Kombat members, Fifiqn, Stanley Makhanya and MontshiQn, and Topsqn (a behind the scene member) dedicated their all when they were confronted with this competition. This competition was an uphill climb for them, it hurt their heads a lot but in the end, it was all worth it when they won themselves a prize of a limitless month’s internet. QN Analysis Kombat wishes to thank the following people

  • Fifiqn the team manager who worked tirelessly and drove her team towards this victory.
  • RustyB, who was always available to lend a helping hand here and there at any given time of the day.

QN Analysis Kombat, again thanks RustyB since this competition introduced them to other interesting and new things like how to commit repositories using a markdown format in github, how to create, open and use gists also in github and how to interact using slack, a very interesting application which is like whatsapp but even better since one can even add “code snippets” so that they appear as they should, something whatsapp cannot do I think.  QN Analysis Kombat’s team members, worked till late ours, they googled, they read a lot and they consulted in order to achieve all this greatness. In the end, out of this competition, a lot of knowledge and skill is acquired. QN Analysis Kombat wishes to thank all those who congratulated them upon their victory.

#Maplesotho, this is one project we are proud of, that brings out our inner hard worker.


#Maplesotho’s Analysts


I know I am becoming one and so can you be. I feel lucky to have been chosen this year to come to Advanced OSM Training. I did not know exactly what to expect, but I knew what I wanted. I wanted to learn and gain knowledge on everything that has to do with #maplesotho. As a land use and settlement planner, I only knew one way to approach planning, and this was using Arc GIS. But then since I am a very ambitious and curious person, when I learned about Open Street Mapping (OSM) I wanted to develop more skills towards the approach to planning. At first, I thought, it was just another project which added more to what I already know. But later, it occurred to me that, not only does it add more to my knowledge, but it teaches me a whole different and adequate way to approach planning.

If you try it you will find that it is as easy as this, first step is to get signed up into open street map, so that you can have a username and password that will log you in whenever you want to map. The next step is you map (edit) and assign tags in open street map. This is a skill I developed even before I was picked for the training this year. I gained this skill from taking interest and mapping as an individual, interaction and dialogue with other mappers (APPs), the mapathons which have been held and the competitions which were basically the motivation for us to map and finish the base map. At first I used ID Editor, which is basic but from the mapathons and interaction with other mappers, I learned about Java Open Street Map (JOSM) Editor. But as we speak now, I am still a little bit of a rough diamond, almost polished since I am learning more on JOSM. For Example, how to shortcut it by using keyboard keys and also how to apply the correct osm tags through oms wiki and communication.

So, now Analysis comes in as a third step. It is the third step because, without osm data you cannot be able to perform analysis. This is where the most action is found. #Maplesotho gets a little bit complicated here. But that is just what it is, a little bit. Dear mappers, from what I gathered, you think this is too difficult, but let me let you in on a secret, it is not that difficult, it is just exciting. You also have it encrypted in your minds that it is so tough to crack but it is not. It only needs you to love it and it will love you back. Whenever you are confronted with analysis, give it attention, dedicate yourself to it, invest all your efforts and time on it. Even when you come across new things about it because this is going to happen often, try hard to crack them and if you feel like you are failing to do so do not give up, be resourceful  (read something, google something) or require assistance. I know this one beardy who is ready and willing to help anyone out. This is exactly what I do myself and if you do this and probably more, you will fall in love with analysis. You will feel like a totally brand new person, –>>A SPATIAL ANALYSIST. Atleast this is how I feel now and I want to grow as one. Right now, I feel like I am headed towards applying all this knowledge I have acquired to landuse and settlement planning.

I feel like my lazy mind is awake, I have learned how to command the computer into loading osm data into postgis, and that as it does this, it is already creating a database. Now using postgis, I have learned how to manipulate this data and perform wanted analysis using a Structured Querybased Language (SQL). And then how to display, my query results in Quantum GIS (QGIS), layout it and export it to PDF for printing and or other formats also save it as a project for later reuse.

IMPORTANT: if you think about it, the beardies are not going to be with us forever, they are here to equip us with skills and tools that will help us plan Lesotho better. The MOU which lets us be with them will not be renewed forever even though we wish otherwise. If we do not learn how to apply spatial planning ourselves, the big question is who will do this for you except for yourselves when they are not here? Hard fact: Our country needs more analysts.

Portmarnock Community School scoop awards in Manilla for #MapLesotho

As explained here four students from Portmarnock Community School were representing Ireland with their project Global Citizens Mapping the future. The project was the best in Ireland having won the Young Social Innovators prize this year and as national champion was automatically selected by Sage International to attend and compete in the World Cup in The Philippines.

The innovation side of it was technical, and based on the schools combined new skills from having learned how to use openstreetmap (specifically #MapLesotho), street image capturing using Mapillary and designing an emergency services phone application using bluemix with help from IBM in Mulhuddart, Fingal. The philantrophic side of the project was also very strong as all of these innovations were applied to Lesotho, where the school has a charitable involvement through Action Ireland Trust.

And the wonderful news is that they scooped the Sustainable Development Goal 11 award: “Making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. #MapLesotho certainly does contribute to identifying infrastructure gaps that help the cities and towns of Lesotho to be more resilient to climate change. Overall Portmarnock was ranked second in the competition to a very worthy heart sensor project from Canada.

What better way to relate the experience of these awards than to talk to hear the reaction of the students themselves shortly after winning.


The best part for me was meeting all the other teams. I feel happy that all of these countries have social responsibility and social enterprise as their vision for the future. I’ve made friends for life and am helping to change the world.


“The experience will be extremely useful to me, as I learned new things and learned a lot about the power of presenting your ideas and work to others . I think it is a skill we will all need.”


The highlight of all this was meeting Ndaba Mandela who is inspiring like his grandfather must have been. You would learn something from everything he says. I will definitely try to support anything he is involved in to improve life in Africa.


We met so many people who defy the stereotypes of their countries, that we ourselves felt at liberty to be ourselves and present our culture in a unique way and strive for our own personal development. 



Mappy Birthday #OpenStreetMap as #MapLesotho hits the #Lesotho Embassy Dublin

OpenStreetMap is now 12 years old, and the birthday is being celebrated at the Lesotho Embassy, Dublin. Of course, as usual everyone is mapping and OSM Ireland are participating. The opportunity to use the embassy as a mapping venue should be credited to his Excellency Paramente Phamotse, who is Ambassador to Ireland, but also the nordic countries. Paramente is a former Geography and Mathematics teacher, so openstreetmap is, … well…. right up his street.


Mapping Lesotho Style with Mokorotlo Hats


The Flag of the Kingdom of Lesotho flying in Dublin

This is not the only event happening today. Indeed there are seven other venues celebrating in the same way. The Copenhagen venue are going to synchronise with Dublin on a Google Hangout which is here. This will be focussed on Mapillary, and doing a bit of mapping using the 50,000 plus Mapillary images now available in the kingdom.

Dave Corley, himself responsible for 20,000 of these images, showed those in Dublin and Copenhagen how to use the Mapillary images to tag buildings and spot other public realm infrastructure not visible from satellite images.

Even better is the news that our colleagues from Teyatenaneng in Berea and the LSPP offices in MAseru joined us for the mapping and for a hangout.

It was a great day, and certainly one where some more richness was added to the map of Lesotho. If anyone else wants to see what we did please find it in the Maseru City or Berea tasks.

Diny and Tshedy at the Maseru LSPP offices



Portmarnock’s #MapLesotho Champions prepare to take Manilla by storm

Those Portmarnock kids are at it again, #MapLesotho is the rocket fuel to bring them to The Philippines in Asia.

As mentioned before they were national champions at the Young Social Innovators contest this year, beating off opposition from every corner of Ireland with the pitch, and purpose and track record of philanthropy to be the best of 450 projects in the prestigious school award.

Now as title holders of the Young Social Innovators of the Year 2016, Global Citizens – Mapping the Future who are from Portmarnock Community School, Dublin, will represent Ireland in the prestigious youth entrepreneur contest, the SAGE World Cup in Manila this week.


Press Call at T2 on Departure

Today they flew off on the first, and very long leg of their flight to the competition venue. Before leaving there was a press meeting, and then they rushed off to bring their message about Lesotho, Mapping and getting active with digital philanthropy. They say it their own way, and words on a blog can’t even capture the way that’s done, and done well as everyone wants to join in the mapping when they say it.

We are all very proud of them, win lose or any outcome at all they have taken what they believe in halfway around the world. Their School has probably not seen such an interpid bunch, especially ones that have travelled so far with their school blazers on, during the holidays!