MapLesotho Exhibition

On the 12th February 2019 #MapLesotho with the help of Fingal County Council and Action Ireland Trust held an exhibition at Avani Maseru.  The idea behind the event was to present the journey the project took from 2013 to date and the way forward.  The country is completely mapped, and the base map is available on OpenStreetMap.


In 2018 a trial or pilot to use the data to create Local Area Plans (LAP) began and about fifteen LAPs from various districts were produced as a training exercise.  From that pilot it has been realised that the current planning system needs higher level plan known as the National Spatial Strategy (NSS) which will guide the production of the lower level plans, that is the regional plans, district plans, local plans and more detailed structure plans.  The NSS is intended to guide development through a set of shared national objectives and principles and for this plan to be implementable it has to be aligned with capital budget plan.


Some of the LAPs Produced

This initiative is done with the assistance of the consultant brought by Fingal County Council from Ireland Bruce McCormack who is the Town and Regional Planner.  In order for this plan to succeed Bruce advised that there is need for coordination with different Ministries, Departments, Organisations and Service Providers.  The exhibition is therefore one of the strategies that will create exposure and awareness of this initiative.  The posters are also mounted at Alliance Franscaise for the public to see some of the outcomes of #MapLesotho.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-17 at 10.57.22

Some of the #MapLesotho Posters at Alliance Francaise

From the basemap one can see the sprawl and haphazard development and the NSS will help to effectively Manage the growth of the City and towns.


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