#MapLesotho Month: Days 6 and 7 in Berea District

For the last two days it is the turn of Berea to have the modem. After a few of us made quick arrangements Nelson who goes from Maseru to TY each day took the modem from Mme Lineo and delivered to us on Thursday. We were initially nervous but Nelson saved the day as the picture shows ;>.


Nelson doing his hero stuff

We got moving along with our mapping, some using Josm and others using ID. I had been doing a few test tiles which meant we started our task for Berea district at 3% done. We mapped hard all day paying attention to the need to do farmland. Though you can see it on the Satellite we are sometimes unsure of how to trace it, as the fields can be irregular shapes and in Lesotho our agriculturalists are not much for subdiving fields with fences or ditches.

The days were long though, it is rare that we get to spend one whole day mapping, then followed by another whole day. It is important for Planners to realise what we are doing exactly. The people in Fingal get nothing for this except the feeling of joy for having helped us.


Me, Mzwandile or Nuts2001

By the end of the second day the task was at 10% which was satisfying because we were a small number of mappers. I can’t wait to finish Berea now. While the task is a little more complex I think we move faster and will finish by 2017. I am much more confident at mapping now than when I started in 2015. I also can’t wait to use the map data.




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