#MapLesotho Month starts with #MapQuthing mapathon

We had two wonderful mapping days at Quthing on the Quthing Task with my colleagues, Motsieleli Mafatlane,  Katleho Makotsane, Tankiso Damane and Itumeleng Nthunya.


Ithumeleng now using JOSM and her left hand


Phase II is more detailed and we are mapping missed objects and modifying previously edited objects. What everyone had to remember was to run JOSM Validator before and after editing, in that way we get to see errors and correct them first. On the first day we got to 17% done tiles, on the second day we got the task up to 28%. We spent a lot of time adding farmland and drawing buildings where previous tasks just marked areas.


Task progress rising to 28%

We would like to thank everyone who joined mapping our district. They are most welcome to help out until the task is all green. I have taken the modem that #MapLesotho uses north to Mohale’s Hoek for the start of Day 3 of #MapLesotho month. Goodbye Quthing, Hello Mohale’s Hoek!

Rural Quthing

Rural Quthing

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