#MapLesotho half way training

Since the training started on the 8th February, a lot has been achieved. Three groups have been formed and each of these have their own tasks- training and engagement team, analysis team and the technical team. To this far the Training and engagement team has successfully trained two groups on OSM; high school students from Ha Hlalele and Portmarnock from Lesotho and Ireland (combined), as well as APPs in Butha Buthe District Council.


There have been some challenges that the group came across in the training of Hlalele High School students which helped them make improvements in their second training. For example with the first group, the team noticed that planning ahead plays a crucial role in training, there is also an important aspect of knowing the audience before hand as that will ease the training:the students’ expectations were the relationship between OSM and the subjects they are studying like mathematics, Agriculture and Geography. With the second group being that of Assistant Physical Planners this helped in that the trainers used the experience they got from training the first group and imposed the results in training the second group.

There has been an evening mapathon held on the 09th February 2016 about keepright.at which is a tool used to show checks being run on a database of locally filled citations with data OSM. During this evening mapathon, detected almost junctions were corrected using this tool.



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