Eight and a half hours to go for #MapLesotho

Hi, I’m Joe. And this is my first blog ever. I hope you like it.

It’s nearly half past eleven. That means I’ve been mapping Lesotho since eight am, making it sixteen and a half hours of OpenStreetMap mayhem in my school.


That’s me with the cute dimples

Wow, everything has happened… we got banned from the OSM server because we were working so hard. When everyone arrived today I was “volunteered” to help create accounts for new users and show them how to use it. Some of my classmates signed to twitter today and are now part of the #MapLesotho community and learned so much, are now all experts and willing to help others.


Now 100% validated, we started at 49% at 8am!!

It was really cool looking at the leaderboard created by Colin Broderick who is helping us map from Belgium.


Leader Board at 23.30 GMT

I’m in 28th place, …..but the night is still young!

This is a great moment for our school as we are contributing to a global cause to make more useful maps for developing countries.



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