#MapLesotho reaches another landmark: One node per Mosotho Citizen

Sometime earlier this week #MapLesotho edits on openstreetmap using the #hotosm editor tool exceeded the number of citizens in the country.

Earlier today Soren Johannessen drew down the weekly osm system stats and tweeted this:

These stats show Lesotho with a grand total of 2,132,551 nodes which exceeds the World Bank’s estimate of the present Lesotho population of 2,074,500.


The pattern of growth for water bodies: streams and rivers mostly reflects the activity in the rural task in the last few months. Of course buildings are the most abundantly mapped feature. The basemap tasks are now within sight of completion. As our resident #hotosm adviser Dave Corley will be outlining a methodology for the refinement of the work now being completed in future tasks. There is an extent of territory between the urban centres to be mapped.

It is great to hit this level of nodes because Lesotho remains the 5th most mapped African country. We hope to have that climb higher in the months and years ahead.

One thought on “#MapLesotho reaches another landmark: One node per Mosotho Citizen

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